Film & Television

Heyman Law provides personalized counsel to filmmakers and television companies. Click here to view a select list of past and present  clients. Below is a list of common services offered to clients in film and television.


  • Audio-Visual Agreements
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Consultation
  • Authorship, Engagement & Results & Proceeds Certificates
  • Content Acquisition / Disposition
  • Development/Production Agreements

  • Independent Filmmaker Representation
  • Location Agreements

  • Participation Deals
  • Rights Acquisitions (Book, Life Story, Screenplay Options, Purchases, Quitclaims)

  • Clearances
  • Music Licensing

  • Synchronization Clearances
  • Trademark Registration and Licensing
  • Endorsement Agreements
  • Submission Forms

Audio-Visual Agreements
Drafting and negotiation of audio-visual agreements which are required between various creative and business clients when working with film, music videos, and web-based content

Collaboration Agreements
Assist artists and producers in collaborative works they become involved in, registration of copyrights and negotiation of royalties


One of a kind personal consultations and planning of the various aspects of a successful business, entertainment career, or new media company

Authorship, Engagement & Results & Proceeds Certificates

Drafting and reviewing work-for-hire certificates of authorship and negotiating results and proceeds agreements

Development/Production Agreements

Negotiating agreements for actors, writers, directors and producers

Independent Filmmaker Representation

Facilitating negotiations between small filmmakers and distributors

Location Agreements

Drafting and reviewing agreements between filmmakers, producers, and property owners

Participation Deals

Negotiating deal terms and payment of revenues for film participants

Rights Acquisitions (Book, Screenplay Options, Purchases, Quitclaims)

Negotiating rights agreements, including literary option and purchase agreements and life story rights agreements; Reviewing and negotiating literary rights agreements to preserve chain of title


Obtaining clearances for music, trademarks, film clips and more.

Synchronization Clearances 

Handling and negotiation of all aspects of synchronization for recording artists, producers, video specialists

Trademark Registration and Licensing
Search, registration, and maintenance of portfolios and preparation of internal and external guidelines for trademark use

Endorsement Agreements 

Drafting of contracts between endorsers and companies