Heyman Law strategizes through the unique legal challenges distinct to the music industry for musicians, record labels, producers, publishing companies, and music-related services.  Click here to view a select list of past and present  clients. Below is a list of common services offered to clients in music.


  • Audio-Visual Agreements
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Co-Publishing Agreements
  • Compilation Licensing Agreements
  • Consultation
  • Distribution Deals
  • Endorsement Agreements
  • Independent Production, Label, Distribution Deals
  • Live Performance Agreements
  • Master Licensing
  • Mechanical Licensing
  • Merchandising
  • Record Deal Contracts
  • Recording Studio Contract
  • Representation Agreements
  • Remixer Agreements
  • Sampling Agreements
  • Song Registrations
  • Songwriter Deals
  • Synchronization Clearances
  • Touring Agreements
  • Trademark Registration and Licensing
  • Work for Hire Agreements

Audio-Visual Agreements
Drafting and negotiation of audio-visual agreements which are required between various creative and business clients when working with film, music videos, and web-based content

Collaboration Agreements
Assist artists and producers in collaborative works they become involved in, registration of copyrights and negotiation of royalties

Co-Publishing Agreements
Negotiation of co-publishing agreements which help defray costs and create commitment between an artist or writer and publisher

Compilation Licensing Agreements
Negotiation of licensing deals between artists and labels in regards to compilation albums or collections

One of a kind personal consultations and planning of the various aspects of a successful business, entertainment career, or new media company

Distribution Deals
Drafting of contractual agreements between artists, labels, and distributors

Endorsement Agreements
Drafting of contracts between endorsers and companies

Independent Production, Label, Distribution Deals
Essential consultation and contract drafting for independent organizations including production companies, record labels and distributors

Live Performance Agreements
Assist in live performance agreements for artists, labels, and venues

Master Licensing
Drafting of licensing for use of master tracks

Mechanical Licensing
Acquisition and drafting of licenses to create work based around previously copywritten material.  Compulsory mechanical licenses are also drafted

Construction of merchandising agreements for artists, labels, and merchandise companies

Record Deal Contracts
Review, negotiation, and finalization of contracts between recording artists and record labels

Recording Studio Contract
Negotiation of contracts between recording artists and recording studios

Representation Agreements
Review, negotiation, and finalization of contracts between artists  and their managers and agents

Remixer Agreements
Works with remixers seeking permission to use others’ work as well as drafting of all necessary agreements

Sampling Agreements
Negotiation of agreements between artists seeking to use sampled works in their own creations and the original artists

Song Registrations
Registration of song copyrights to ensure lasting protection for works

Songwriter Deals
Assistance for songwriters seeking to get material published and placed

Synchronization Clearances
Handling and negotiation of all aspects of synchronization for recording artists, producers, video specialists, etc

Touring Agreements
Consultation and assistance for touring artists and assesses the feasibility of tours and related contracts

Trademark Registration and Licensing
Search, registration, and maintenance of portfolios and preparation of internal and external guidelines for trademark use

Work for Hire Agreements
Construction of agreements between artists, songwriters, producers and companies who seek work for hire deals