Licensing & Clearance

Heyman Law delivers fast and affordable music licensing and clearance services that allow for use of audio or audio-video footage in music, film, television, concerts, advertisements, DVDs, CDs, digital jukebox services, webcasting, and music download services. Our services have helped internationally acclaimed talent as well as multinational corporations like MTV, Eagle Vision, TouchTunes, and more.


  • Compilation Licensing Agreements
  • Master Licensing
  • Mechanical Licensing
  • New Media Licensing (webcast licenses, digital jukebox clearances, and more)
  • Sample Clearances
  • Synchronization Clearances

Compilation Licensing Agreements
Negotiation of licensing deals between artists and labels in regards to compilation albums or collections

Master Licensing
Drafting of licensing for use of master recordings

Mechanical Licensing
Negotiation and drafting of licenses to create work based around previously copywritten compositions, such as covers

New Media Licensing
Drafting of licenses to create work based around emerging media such as webcasting, digital jukebox service, and advertisement supported music download services

Sample Clearances
Negotiation of agreements between artists seeking to use sampled works in their own creations and the original artists

Synchronization Clearances
Handling and negotiation of all aspects of synchronization for recording artists, television, film, and video specialists, etc